Extravirgin Olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil
Tuscany olivas type:
Frantoio, Moraiolo, Grassaio e Mignola.
The harvest is done manually at the end of October, the olives are pressed with low temperatures and vacuum-packed, to limit oxidation.

oil of a beautiful bright green, ample in its perfumes, well balanced, slightly spicy.





for extra virgin olive oil we mean oil produced only from the first pressing from the olives, extra virgin olive oil can not exceed 0.8% of acidity while 2% for virgin oil. If it exceeds 2%, the oil is defined as a lamp that is not edible.

The freshness of the olives is very important and the conditions of how it arrives at the oil mill, it is important that they are in excellent condition, maximum attention during the harvest and transportation.


the extra virgin olive oil of Podere Pellicciano Agrisole, it’s made from Tuscan olives like Moraiolo, Leccino, Mignola, Frantoio, Grassaio, an artisanal and niche production, begins with manual harvesting and then fast transferring in the oil mill for the press. The pressing is at low temperature and vacuum-packed, to reduce oxidation, obtaining an oil richer in varietal aromas. Once the oil is pressed, the oil is subjected to a cotton filtering process, to eliminate any sediment, detrimental to the quality of the oil.

For bottling we use bottles of tin or dark glass, to protect the oil from the rays of light, one of the worst enemies for extra virgin olive oil.

Conversion ratio kg liter of olive oil:


Nutritional values ​​for 100g of Extravirgin olive oil:

Fats: 91.3 of which 14.1 Saturated 9.2 Polyunsaturated and 68.0 Monounsaturated

Fibers 0

Salt 0

Vitamin E 14.35g

Carbohydrates 0

Protein 0

Linolenic acid 0.76g

Linoleic acid 9.7 g

Energetic Value 899 Kcal on daily dose 3762 Kjoule

Use extra virgin olive oil in moderation, it is very caloric, it must be dosed correctly, especially if you need to check your weight.

extra virgin olive oil is a delicate natural product and needs some simple attention,

it must be consumed within a period of 12, maximum 18 months from the production date,
after this period the olive oil becomes rancid and is not edible.
Extra virgin olive oil is delicate and fears light and heat, so try to keep it in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Another thing, perhaps the worst enemy of extra virgin olive oil is definitely the air, in fact, oxygen damages the oil and oxidizes it,thus losing many of its precious organoleptic characteristics.

Extra virgin olive oil has various benefits,

it is rich in oleic acid that stimulates the gall bladder to release bile acids, promoting digestion, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids or monoenoic fatty acids that helps against cholesterol and is indicated to those with high blood values. It is rich in vitamin E which helps the bones and the skeletal system, the extra virgin olive oil is rich in phenols and polyphenols antioxidant components that help the body defend itself against inflammation and cellular aging. Its use helps in the prevention of many diseases including diabetes and tumors. Recommended for feeding children especially after weaning, contributes to bone formation and myelination and brain growth and is an ally of immune defenses.


Daily recommended dose of extra virgin olive oil:

Many studies have shown that to benefit from the positive effects of extra virgin olive oil on your body, they recommend a use of about 3 or 4 tablespoons a day, about 35 grams.

Agrisole Podere Pellicciano supplies its customers with a bottle of bottles with adequate labeling and an anti-theft cap, so in restaurants you can serve the bottle directly at the table




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